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The boring legal bit...
...that will probably let you do more than you expect!

Virtual Stickers and wallpapers from FroodyStuff are presented for the entertainment of visitors to this website. They are here for you to use and enjoy. Stick them on blogs and other websites, or in emails! Or stick them in your forum signatures, or use them in your iPhone, or in MMS!

All Virtual Stickers from FroodyStuff.com are licensed under an Attribution No Derivatives (by-nd) Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License

So, what the heck does that mean, then? Well, it means that you are free to use the Virtual Stickers on your own websites and blogs, in emails and cell phones, on your Facebook profile, basically anywhere! All we ask in return, is this:

  1. Feel free to use the virtual stickers and wallpapers for any non-commercial purposes. Provided that they are used as is, without alteration, we don't care what you do with them, as long as it's nothing illegal. Although not required, giving credit where credit is due is encouraged and very much appreciated. Putting in a link to http://www.froodystuff.com is easy and you can even find sample HTML code on this very website.

  2. You are allowed to offer the virtual stickers and wallpapers for download, as long as they are offered free of charge. I.e. you're not allowed to sell them. Also, please include a link to http://www.froodystuff.com, and inform downloaders where they come from originally.

  3. You are free to use the virtual stickers on commercial websites, blogs and email, etc, as long as you always include the text "Virtual Stickers from FroodyStuff.com" and a link to http://www.froodystuff.com. The text and the link (the text can BE the link if you want!) must be human-readable and must be placed on the same page(s) as the virtual stickers. See the bottom of this page for sample code to use!

Alteration, redistribution and incorporation

You may not alter Virtual Stickers, wallpapers or anything else on this site in any way from their original state, incorporate them or any part of them in any other item or form, sell them or in any way derive direct financial benefit through their use without our prior written permission.


Suggestions for virtual, or real, stickers or any other submissions from you become the property of Roll 2 Dice (the owners of FroodyStuff.com). As such, Roll 2 Dice will have unlimited, exclusive, perpetual rights, in this life and the next (if there is one) throughout the known and unknown universe through all time and by any means now known or yet to be discovered, to use the submissions for any purpose whatsoever, without any compensation or notice to you.

Creative Commons License
Virtual Stickers and wallpapers on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Sample code for linking:

Sample HTML code for you to cut-and-paste, with banner:

<a href="http://www.froodystuff.com"><img style="border: none;" src="http://www.froodystuff.com/images/Free_Virtual_Stickers_at_FroodyStuff.gif" alt="Get Free Virtual Stickers at FroodyStuff.com!" /></a>

...will look like this:

Get Free Virtual Stickers at FroodyStuff.com!

Sample HTML code for you to cut-and-paste, without banner:

<a href="http://www.froodystuff.com">Virtual Stickers from FroodyStuff.com</a>

...will look like this:

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